Thursday, June 5, 2008

It'S tImE fOr StUdEnT cLiNiCs!

I can't believe it's time already but it's now time for me to start my student clinics for massage therapy school! I start this SATURDAY! I'm super nervous and excited all at the same time. So here goes my spill:-D If anyone would like a one hour massage please call 621-4158 to set up an appointment with me(Morgan Groft)! I am there on Saturdays from 9am-1pm, the massages are $25 but right now I have a stack of refferal cards to hand out for $5 off! So a ONE HOUR MASSAGE FOR $20! You can't beat that. Granted it is in a school like setting and not an actual Day Spa but it is still relaxing! I went to one a couple of weeks ago from student that is about 6 months ahead of me and it was great even being in a school setting! So if you'd like an hour of relaxation for a great price call and set up an appointment and then let me know so I can get you a discount card! If you wanted to make it a girls day out, or a date out, I can also give you another name of a student if you both wanted to come at the same time! If you know of anyone else that might be interested as well please pass on the word! Students like to have their whole schedules booked out! Thank you everyone! XOXO