Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How much would this grocery bill cost YOU?

This bill would cost you around 36.01, if your an Albertson's Preferred card holder GREAT DEAL right!?!? Well as good of a deal as most people think this is......I got all of this for a whopping $5.66! I KNOW RIGHT!! This bill would have been around $60-65 if you didn't have an Albies card! This time I really felt like I was robbing the store! The sweet cashier just kept scanning in those coupons and I just kept watching my total go down down and down! So 25 items for $5.66 ahhh now thats saving money! The receipt bodly states that I saved $63.86 today! AWESOME! I am so happy that I am done with school, and I have started this up again because it saves so much money and your food storage starts building up so you don't always have to run to the grocery store you can just shop out of your pantry! I am so thankful to my two friends Tanya and Nicole who got me into this! It helps us out a ton! If any of you want information....let me know, I said this before and just didn't do anything but REALLY I want to help you save money! So let me know! Now my bragging is done have a great night!

Monday, May 18, 2009


My friend Tanya is very good friends with this family and is trying to get the word out so they can have a really big turnout for this fundraiser and raise alot of money for 3 year old Briggs. Briggs father is a country singer and has helped many many other children by having benefit concerts in their behalf to raise money to help them with their medical situations, now the family is going through this hard time and its time for people to pay it forward and help them out. If you would like to help out, please do!:-D I am running the 5K and donating a massage gift basket for the silent auction. If you want to run or have something you or a business would like to donate for the silent auction let me know and I will get it to my friend who is in charge of the auction. Any help would be appreciated or any donations. All money earned goes to this sweet little three year old boy who has been in Primary Children's for over 6 months. Please pass on the word so we can all help this little guy and his family out. Thanks!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SuNdAy HiKe!!

This last Sunday the Hubby and I decided that we would wake up early and hike to the waterfall that we can see from our back patio up in the mountains. It was so nice! The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful hike! We took our furry child, and believe it or not Miss Priss did really good! She suprised us both! Our dog is the girliest dog you will ever meet. She doesn't walk she prances! It is so funny! But we had a great time hiking and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery! If you like you hike, this hike is a must! It is beautiful, I wish I could build a house up there! It would be amazing!!

This was up towards the top, it got really rocky but was still pretty easy to hike up. We had to carry the furry one a little bit of the ways:-D The view of the waterfall on our way up!

So happy to be outside enjoying nature:-D

Look at that view! It was so neat!

A family picture:-D

Here is a good shot of the waterfall!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He is a KeEpEr!

Yep, this is a brag about my husband post but I just couldn't resist! So here it goes: Yesterday as I was walking out of work, I notice the truck I had driven to work was panic started to sweep over me. I had just walked the entire length of the parking lot and it was no where to be seen(Its not hard to miss when the license plate reads LIV4GOLF) I looked behind me and there was my husband in the truck with a big grin as he saw the look of panic and confusion on my face, No this is not the bragging part, coming to pick me up. He had made up stories all afternoon and so I had no idea what was going on. As far as I knew he was working and the chicken I was supposed to cook that night was defrosting just waiting for me.
We drove off to the frontrunner station and road that down to Salt Lake to have some dinner and pay a visit to the chocolate store:-D Then we road home. It was so nice not worrying about traffic, or parking, and just being able to enjoy the ride and have good conversation. He is always full of little suprises for me! I love how giddy he gets when he knows he totally threw me for a loop and I have no idea whats going on and its 100% a suprise. And I think the fact that he saw me freaking out thinking our vehicle had been stolen made it even better for him. I love this guy he is the best! I think I will keep him!