Sunday, December 27, 2009

PrEgO bElLy PiCs

Well here they are, my maternity pictures! I am so happy with the way they turned out. It was really weird to have my big ol' belly exposed but my photographer, Miss Ali Lundell, did a great job! They will be fun picctures to look back on to see when our sweet little baby girl was still baking in the oven! I can't believe how close we are getting to having her here! It seems like just yesterday we were telling friends and family we were expecting! now we are basically a month away, CRAZY! I have enjoyed pregnancy for the most part, my back has been causing me major problems but when I feel her moving around it makes all the pain worthwhile. I can't believe that God has given us this amazing blessing to be able to raise a child. We truly feel blessed and priveleged. We are both so excited and are just counting down the days until our special delivery gets here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


WOWOWW!! It has been awhile! Seriously life is just flying right on by! Here is a long update, feel free to read if you would like. Well I will just start where I left off last blog post! That was a long time ago so here it goes!

HaLlOwEeN: Here are some randoms of Halloween, my mom always has dinner and games at her house on Halloween. It's really fun because I just love being with my family and having a good time. We missed Quinten and Mackenzie!! They decided to go to a "friends" Halloween party. But here are a few pics of carving pumpkins and hanging with the family!

BaBy ShoWeR: On November 19 I had a baby shower thrown for me! It was so nice and I got so many great things and super cute little girl stuff. I have such great friends that are so supportive and I am so thankful to everyone that was there! We seriously have been so blessed when it comes to help for this little one! We had a crib and glider gifted to us by our great friends, my 2nd mother gifted me an adorable crib bedding set and so many others have just given us things! The only main item we have had to buy ourselves was a changing table. Seriously we are so blessed....just thinking about it brings me to tears. So thank you all that came to my shower and suppported me and the start of my little family and to all of those that have gone above and beyond to make this pregnancy not stressful with worrying about how to buy things! You are all so amazing!!
My mom did such a great job throwing the baby shower! She was so sweet of her to do that for me and I am very thankful to her and Ali and Lindsey for helping with food!! And for my dad helping my mom out because she works a lot! He was super helpful!! Again SO BLESSED!!!
Here are some pictures of my shower! We ate food, played what is in the diaper game:-D and opened gifts!

NeW mOoN pReMiErE: Angie and I went to the Midnight premiere of NeW mOoN yes I am in love with the books and the movies! New Moon was aweseome and way better than Twilight! But seriously the ending was not my favorite! Now just like with the books, I have to countdown the days until the 3rd one comes out! And I will plan on going to the premiere of that one to!!

While we were at the theater they had a best costume contest...well no one really had costumes on and since me and Angie were matching twinner shirts that said Bite Me....Please. We decided to go up and say we were Ang was Bella before the honeymoon and I was Bella AFTER the honeymoon:-D I am pretty sure the belly won that constest for us! We won a bag with Jacob on the front of it. We had a lot of fun! I just love Angie and she is so much fun to do things with! Ang, mark your calendar for #3!! :-D

ThAnKsGiViNg: Every year for Thanksgiving we spend it with the Groft side in Junction Utah, well this year I forgot to pick up my dang camera! So the only pictures are the ones below, we went on a little drive headed up to Bryce Canyon and stopped and took some pictures. We had a great time with his family! It is always fun to get together with them because we don't get to see them as often as we would both like to. One of my favorite parts when we go there is we get to go up on the mountain and cut down our own Christmas tree! I love real christmas trees and the smell of a fresh one from off the mountain is AmAzInG!

My BiRtHdAy: 24 years old! WOWOWOW! My hubby is seriously the best birthday planner! My morning started out by my alarm going off to wake me up for work but something was different. The sound of the alarm was not my normal tune so when I leaned over to figure out what was going on there was a NEW IPHONE!! I was so excited! (by the way it is seriously the best phone in the world and I don't know how I have lived without it!:-D) So I go to work and around 11:00 I had a special delivery....a fruit flower bouquet delivered! It looked so cute I didn't want to eat it but as soon as I took a bite I knew it would be devoured! I left work early that day because we had a baby apt(update below) and after the baby apt he took me to a suprise place for dinner. Well turns out the suprise place was my ALL TIME favorite restaurant..Tepanyaki! As we walk in the door I see my whole family sitting there! AHH! He had arranged dinner with my entire family at Tepanyaki. Then for dessert...another one of my favorite a COLSTONE icecream cake!!I love him! I was spoiled beyond spoiled on my birthday by my hubby, family and friends. It was a great birthday!

BaBy MaIyAh UpDaTe: Seriously pregnancy is VERY interesting the changes your body makes and the movements your child makes in your belly! It is so crazy! I am now 33 weeks! I can't even believe it! Everything looks great with the little one and they predict her weight right now is 4lbs. So cute! She is growing great, heartbeat perfect and she is head down!! Lets just hope she stays that way! I really cannot believe how fast time is going. I am getting so NERVOUS! Don't get me wrong I am VERY EXCITED but wow the thought of having my own child.....kinda crazy!I don't think the realness of it all will hit until she is laying in my arms. I am due January 30, 2010 and am wanting December to slow down so I can get everything in order!! Her daddy is so excited for her to get here! It is so fun watching him talk to her(through the belly) and how she responds to his voice! He is going to be a great daddy and she is super lucky to get him! But that's the update...all is good!

FuRrY cHiLd: Haha ok so I am not going to write much just but LOOK AT THAT FACE hers not mine! She has been my baby thus far and I am very interested to see how she will react to a baby in the home taking all of momma's attention. She is so cute and I just love her....yes I am a crazy dog owner that loves their dog as much as a person! Her update....well she is as dog and she is doing great!

MaTeRnItY pIcTuReS: My friend Ali as a birthday birthday present told me she wanted to take Maternity pictures for me! AHHH though I was a little scared to show off my belly I am happy to say she did an amazing job and I can't wait to have them back! Here is just a peek of one that she did! I willl post more when I get them back! Thanks Ali! Seriously you are so talented and I am so grateful for your friendship!