Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am seriously SO BLESSED with amazing family and friends in my life! I was beyond spoiled when it came to celebrating my day of graduation!! It started out by my sweet husband giving me a very nice card with some play money for PaLm SpRiNgS!! Then, I was told that I had to be ready around 9:00-9:30....when I got a knock at the door around that time I opened it to find my sweet friend Nicole, at my door ready to take me out to celebrate! She took me to breakfast and then to get a pedicure!! I was so thankful for some girl time and girl talk so that was such an amazing suprise!! (Thanks again Nicole, it meant more to me than you will ever know!) Then I went home got ready and went to the school to help get everything in order. It was so nice to have so many of my friends and family at my graduation to show their support, it meant so much so thank you to all of you who made it and all of the sweet texts, emails, and comments people made! After the graduation I had one more sweet friends "The Seagers" had gotten Curtis and I a hotel room in Layton! They were also staying there so we were able to hang out with them that evening! It was alot of fun! (Thanks so much you guys we had a GREAT time!!) It feels amazing to be done!! I leave today for PaLm SpRiNgS and I cannot wait! It will be a fantastic way to end my year of hard work and stuffing my brain full of "stuff":-D Thanks again to everyone for your support! I couldn't have made it through this last year if it wasnt for that so THANK YOU!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well thats it....I am DONE with school and graduate this SATURDAY!! I cannot believe it! This year, although at some points went so slow, went very fast! I love these girls and will miss seeing them each week, but I know we will stay close friends! We have a really fun graduation planned and I can't wait to have that to finalize this whole adventure! Thanks to all of you for all your love and support! And now all I can say is I AM READY FOR PALM SPRINGS!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You know you have NO life when...........

You do a post about the BACHELOR:-D But I am going to do it anyway so please feel free to read or not I just need to VENT. Yes I got completely addicted to this season of the Bachelor....why you ask? well you have a GREAT NICE guy on there who has had his heart broken and is "just searching for love" and has an adorabel son and "just wants a family" and seems to be a really great great guy. Then you have two SWEET, NICE, CARING ladies Melissa and Molly. So how did the FiNaLe go you ask?!? JUST HOW I WANTED IT TO he picked Melissa, sweet little freckled faced Melissa. They seemed to go together so well, she was so in love and so happy(thus the squeals of delight) that he proposed and well he seemed to feel the same way but THEN......................SIX SHORT WEEKS later he is done with Melissa and wants MOLLY BACK?! He breaks up with Melissa on public television and tells her basically he made the WRONG decision and he LOVED MOLLY....Hmmmmm. Well Molly comes out, not knowing ANY of this just happened and he lays it out for her.......SHE WAS SPEACHLESS.........for about a minute...........and they then decided that the classy thing to do was to MAKEOUT on the couch to humiliate and crush Melissa EVEN MORE! REAL CLASSY. So needless to say, I think Jason is an I-D-I-O-T. I can see if he realized he loved Molly more, but come on to break up with your FIANCE and then kiss "THE OTHER WOMAN" in the same the same hour.........that says something about a person. BLAH!

So there is my vent. I really hope that Melissa finds someone great or becomes the next BACHELORETTE. Poor girl. And Molly....WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!

*Yes I get to involved in these stinkin reality TV shows:-D