Monday, March 29, 2010

2 MoNtHs?!?!

Seriously WHERE DID TIME GO?? My baby is 2 months?! I seriously cannot belive it. She had her 2 month Dr. apt today and here are her stats: Weight 10.8(40%), Heighth 22.75!!(60%), and her head 38.5(50%). Basically she is our little string bean:-) She also got her shots that was SO sad!! I think her Daddy will go to the next apt when more shots are needed!! I can't believe how much fun the last 2 months have been!! I just love her so much!! It's amazing the love you have for someone you've only known for 2 months! I go back to work tomorrow and I have so many mixed feelings. I love the people I work for/with so that helps make it easier, she will be in the best hands while I am at work...but I don't want to leave her!! If I could win the lottery now it would be fantastic:-D Anyways, here are things about my My during her 2nd month:

* She will watch cartoons for about 20 minutes and be totally into it

*She loves her swing

*She loves her Nana and Papa

*She is really smiling now

*She is starting to make baby talk.....which I LOVE

*She will sit in her bouncer while I am getting ready, making dinner etc. and just watch and smile
*She is so close to sitting up, she'd prefer to be in the sitting position instead of makes me sad but she feels she needs to grow up fast I guess

*Her daddy gets the biggest smiles out of her.....she might be a daddys girl:-D

She is basically just the cutest little girl I know:-D I'm bias I know. Little Miss Maiyah we love you so much and are so blessed and happy that we get to have you forever!! Love ya string bean!


Liz and Mike and Eli said...

Super cute! Time does fly but it looks like you guys are enjoying every second of it and I bet Maiyah is too!

Cassie and Noah said...

Oh she is so Adorable.... I had the same mixed feelings when I went back to work, and don't worry it's ok if you cry. =)But you do what you have to do, and it does make it easier when you love your work and you their in great hands! You guys are such a cute little family! She seems like such a happy baby! Good Luck at work!

Steph and Brady said...

Oh she is so stinking cute!!!! I just can't believe she is even in the middle percentile for weight. She really is so skinny! Oh, doesn't time go by quick!? She is so so cute! Good luck with work.

Laurel said...

She is absolutely beautiful! I love that little girl and wish I could see her more! You are such a great mom! I hated the shots too, we have to hold them down while they look at us and cry, sad : (.

Veronica said...

So happy I could see you for a second with your beautiful daughter. I am so happy for you dear Morgan. I know you love being a mom. I love all the pictures you posted.

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